Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Girl Abroad

Hello my fellow bloggers and followers!

First, and foremost, an apology for having disappeared for the past two months.  But now I'm back and with a whole new set of adventures before me.

Second, I am currently living in Chester, England.    It's about a four hour train ride north of London and right on the border with North Wales.  Why, you ask?  My husband has been temporarily relocated for work and I get to tag along and play tourist. 

Just a quick historical/geographical note about Chester:  Chester is a walled city and with the exception of 330 feet, the original walls, which were finished by the middle of the 12th century, still stand and you can walk the whole circumference which is roughly 2 miles.  Pretty cool, huh?  I've walked a tiny bit of it but it is definitely on my list of things to do.  Here's a pic:

This archway is part of the original structure but since I'm not terribly familiar with all of Chester history, I'm sure there has been some reconstruction in parts.  Just past the archway is the street that leads to town.

So, on to toilet paper related issues.  My husband and I have eaten out a few times and I have to say, the bathrooms are wonderful here!  Now, we haven't experienced the night life yet so I don't know how the bathrooms in a dance club will be.  Then again, dance club bathrooms in the States aren't that great so I'll just assume the same for here.  I have noticed that there are public bathrooms to be found in the city square but I have yet to experience those.

While I'm here I hope to begin a walking and writing routine, part of which will include blogging.  I am also determined to make headway in my novel.  And, all the while, discovering a new city rich with history and hopefully some weekend getaways to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and surrounding cities.

If anyone out there has been to Chester please send your favorite places to visit.  If anyone has been to any part of the United Kingdom or Ireland, where should I go?  We're hoping to make it to Stonehenge and London but since we're not too sure about my husband's schedule, that is all we have planned so far.

With this I bid you good health.  More pictures to follow!


  1. Cherrio and Pip Pip! What a fine adventure. Of course my first stops would be Liverpool and the Cavern Club, then down to London and Abbey Road. I'd find each Beatle's boyhood home and then Paul's Scotland farm and where he lives today (near London, aside from NYC). I'd have to ferry across the Mersey River. I'd go to the Chelsea Market, try to find Twiggy and Mary Quant shoppes.

    I'd have my photo taken at all these places, twice, once in Saturday Writers' gear. And in that arch, on top of the wall, beside the wall ...

    Have a fab, gear, groovy time, write a lot and blog often!

  2. Rebeca, it's so good to hear from you!! And the town sounds/looks marvelous. If I were there....I'd first venture over into Wales and look up my ancestors, try to find Tom Jones and get my picture taken with him...and come back to England and look for Austin Powers!!

  3. A few things came to mind while reading this post: I thought you were in the bathroom... and was the city walled to keep the Indians out? ;o) Glad to hear from you again on blog.

    Henry Thoureau said: "We should come home from adventure each day with new experience and character" but I'm pretty sure he meant to say "characters", which is a perfect quote since you'll be writing while you are across the pond!