Monday, January 30, 2012

Hoping For A Better Week and DGL

Hello my fellow bloggers.  I apologize for leaving you all high and dry for the past three days.  I'm sure you were all sitting on the edge of your computer chairs just waiting in anticipation for my words of wisdom.  Or my random nutterings about nothing.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

Last week was hell and today hasn't been all that great.  After days of having a lingering stomachache, I ended up with some nasty pains in my belly.  Believe it or not, Ivan had nothing to do with it.  These nasty pains are due to a blockage somewhere in my small intestine.  Because nothing is moving everything gets plugged up and causes unbelievable pains right underneath my rib cage and my sides.  I've heard this from other Crohnies and aside from taking pain pills, there's not much to be done.  We literally have to wait it out and it can last a few hours to days.  In the very worst case scenario we end up at the ER and need emergency surgery.  Knock on wood that I haven't had to go down that road.  Yet another lovely side effect of Crohn's Disease. 

I want to make it clear that I'm not telling you all of this because I'm fishing around for sympathy.  I have a support system of wonderful people for that.  I'm telling you because if there is someone out there that has these pains then you may have Crohn's Disease. 

One of my go-to medicines during this time is DGL.  Or you may know it as Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice.  (Bonus points for anyone that can pronounce this word!)  Licorice has long been used as an herbal supplement for people that suffer from stomach ulcers, heartburn, and other gastrointestinal issues.  This specific licorice extract provides a protective coating for the mucosal lining of the esophagus, stomach, and intestinal tract.  (Thank you Swanson Vitamins for this description.   If I feel any rumblings in my stomach after a meal I'll eat one or two of these tablets and it tends to calm everything down.  Again, I am not a doctor so please take the time to talk to your doctor and research a product before trying it out.  I personally take a DGL that has been flavored with cocoa but there are others out there that have peppermint or Stevia flavoring so look around for something you might enjoy chewing.

At times like these it's pretty easy to start feeling sorry for yourself.  The typical questions of, "Why me?" or "Why can't I be normal?" are running through my head.  I know it's a pointless thing to do but I can't help it and I'm sure there are others out there that ask themselves these same questions.  I know that I can't change this disease but I'm hoping that I can change the way my body reacts to it and with every step forward there will always be steps back.  I know this but I don't always want to accept it.

I leave you with a song I came across when the new Muppet Movie came out.  It was originally sung by Gonzo to Madeleine Kahn back in the 70s on the original Muppet Show.  It's called "The Wishing Song".
(And thank you to The Airborne Toxic Event for covering it on the soundtrack album!)

I wish I had a coat of silk the color of the sky.
I wish I had a lady fair and then a butterfly.
I wish I had a house of stone that looked out on the sea.
But most of all, I wish that I was someone else but me.

That's the first verse.  I'll be back tomorrow with the second verse.  But for now I'm going to feel just a little sorry for myself and then get over it.  Everyone is allowed to feel this way but the important thing is to learn and move on. 

Cheers and good health to everyone!


  1. Hi Rebeca,
    Hope you're feeling better soon. Interesting tidbit about the benefits of licorice. I often crave licorice, so I wonder if it's my body telling me I need it.

  2. Hi Rebeca! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. You're always so sweet and funny and one would ever know that many days you don't feel well....

  3. Hi Rebeca,
    Becky told me about you and your blog. So sorry you're not feeling well. I hope things get better soon!

    1. Hi Lydia,
      I'm so glad that Becky has passed on my blog to you. She is such a great lady!

      Congratulations on having your book published!! It's always good news when someone you know is getting their work out there. Hopefully it'll be me soon. As soon as I stop procrastinating...

      Thank you for following me and I wish you good health.

  4. Hi Rebeca,

    Thanks so much for mentioning our company, Swanson Vitamins, in your blog post. We really appreciate you sharing us with your readers.

    Would you be willing to turn our name into a link to our website?

    Also- you should consider putting a contact page or email address on your site :)

    1. Hi Anthony,

      My sincerest apologies for not replying sooner. I went ahead and posted your link right next to your name in my post. I'm not very computer savvy so I wasn't quite sure how to turn your name into a link so I hope putting your website was okay. I also went ahead and put Swanson Vitamins as a label so people can always find you that way. Thanks for letting me "borrow" information from you!