Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Would Like You All To Meet...

...Ivan!  Ivan is the tiny monster that lives in my belly.  For those of you that have been around me I'm sure you have heard my stomach grumble and gurgle and wondered what was going on in there.  Well, now you know.  It's Ivan.  He likes to poke me with his spiked club and make funny noises so everyone will turn and stare at me and make me super uncomfortable.  He's not a very nice monster.

It occurred to me that if I give my stomach rumblings and all the issues that go with them a name and an ugly face it might make things easier.  So now people can ask me, "How are you?  How is Ivan doing?" and I'm okay with that. 

(Ivan must know that I'm talking about him because he just roared at me as I'm typing this.)

So please don't hesitate to ask about him because to me it means that you care how I'm doing.  And if he ever roars or grumbles at you feel free to yell back.


  1. A clever response to bad gut...good way to reach for the upper hand over CD!

  2. Hi Rebeca. Yes, I've noticed Ivan before. I just chose to ignore him as I do all ill-behaved monsters! :D

  3. Nice to meet you Ivan...or is it?! I have heard terrible things about you.
    Your Ivan = My Episode